Re: PM says legalising marijuana would be like ‘legalising murder’

The PM has his opinion but response should be based on facts eg. How about asking, Mister PM how about the facts that medical conditions like cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, some forms of cancer, seizures, as pain killer & pain reliever etc shown marijuana to be of help.

Comments there mister PM…? PMs response is one I held too as like him I was raised through religious lens that marijuana was bad. Like most of his generation brainwashing was, marijuana is bad and so it continues to today. But the world of medicine, economics and science has changed yet, our leader is still stuck in his old ways.

As a criminal lawyer in NZ and in Samoa, at least half of those who kill were drunk with alcohol and none under influence of marijuana…Alcohol kills more than marijuana. Alcohol is a legal drugs much like food, another legalise drug causing OBESITY and ill health.

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  1. She is absolutely spot on. Shall be interesting to see how they handle the case of the US man entering with a joint and a medical card deeming it medicine. Samoa needs to come out of the dark ages and take a good hard look at what is really most destructive to the people of Samoa. Ms Sapolu laid out those most destructive and the mindset needs to be changed.


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