Fetu Leapai, Social Worker for Teen Challenge Samoa
Fetu Leapai, Social Worker for Teen Challenge Samoa

21 December, 2017. Samoa –  Apia Harvest Centre’s ‘The Select Arrow’ Youth Conference had a variety of youth attend the first two days of the program, which began Wednesday 20th December, 2017.

Among those who registered to take part in the Conference was 22 year old Fetu Leapai from Salelologa, Savaii and currently residing in Fugalei.

Fetu is a volunteer social worker at Teen Challenge Samoa which is linked to Apia Harvest Centre. The theme of the conference inspired her. 

“It really moves my heart. I know I have to be here”, she told Samoa Planet.

“I am very interested in scripture and I also love young people and I have a heart to help out in whatever area that I can.”

Fetu shared about how the conference speakers had inspired her.

“Leota Kosi Latu talked about how God has a divine plan for your life. It was kind of a revelation for me. You can’t expect God to use you and at the same time you’re doing totally different things. If you want God to use you, you’ve got to sacrifice some stuff”, said Fetu.

As a social worker for Teen Challenge Samoa, Fetu helps youth that come through their program and she feels that taking part in ‘The Select Arrow’ Conference will broaden her knowledge and ability to help others.

“Like the Bible says, God has a plan for your life and plans for a better future and hope. Being that agent of change is what I’m striving to be, starting from myself. Not just to talk but to walk the talk”, said Fetu.

‘The Select Arrow’ Youth Conference will be held again next year and Fetu hopes for more of the local youth to attend and take part in this great program.

“They just have to come in and take the blessing. I believe a lot of young people should be here, because they may have questions and are looking for answers. Who knows, it might be here.”

According to Fetu, the presenters are not only preaching but “their lives really speak of the grace of God and how God brought them this far.”

“We’re young people and they want this generation to rise up. At least there’s a ready equipped generation to take up the work.”

Fetu Leapai is also a student at the Rhema Bible Training Centre.

Kehaolani Manoa-Slade

Kehaolani Manoa-Slade

Kehaolani was born in American Samoa and spent most of her childhood in the USA before moving to Samoa where she graduated from the Church College of Pesega. She is married with two beautiful daughters and lives in Samoa. She is a Junior-Reporter for Samoa Planet
Kehaolani Manoa-Slade


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