9 March, 2018. Samoa – According to Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, electric cars and buses are the future of Samoa.

Speaking at the launch of the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) plan, he stated that he had already sought out measures to encourage the importation of electric transport in Samoa.

 “I have already directed our Minister of Revenue to put in a submission to Cabinet so that Cabinet will address the issue of climate change, by removing or reducing duties on imported electric cars in support of our Government’s initiative in the search for avenues which will reduce Greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Climate change is here. I have already received complaints that some peoples cars are being salted by the rising levels of sea water in villages, and this is not good for the Government. We all know the causes of climate change, and we also know the cure of climate change, and all that is left is the courage for the leaders of the world to do what we must do and save planet earth.”

Tuilaepa explained that the NAMA plan would be an initiative that could impact Samoa’s future in a big way if implemented.

“Samoa’s efforts through the NAMA document launched today aims to curb gas emissions from the transport sector through electrifying its road transport – at the core I would urge our development partners to support Samoa’s  efforts to see electric cars and electric buses become a reality as these do not emit any Greenhouse gases.”

Speaking to students who were assembled at the launch he continued, “Youth of the future you are the future leaders of our country and it is very important that you are all aware of these important issues so that you can make well informed  choices in the future when it is your turn to lead our country. May we continue to strive and work together so that we can achieve our NAMA plan of having electric transport as well as developing better alternatives of more energy efficient fuel  for our road transport sector.”

“We have also read of recent findings that it is likely that at the turn of the century, the rising temperature will be at least 4% more, and some of the scientific evidence points to the positivity that we are possibly too late. And therefore the process  of climate change will continue as we have seen in some of our villages.”

“Yesterday, a delegate of ours who attended a climate change meeting in New York told me that a lot of the local schools there were asked the question- ‘Are you aware of the world’s decision on the goals already adopted for sustainable development which includes climate change?’”

“Not one of the students knew, so I am now asking MNRE to call a meeting of representatives, perhaps 10 students from each school and college in Samoa.

“They must come here and we will talk to them in our language, in the language we will understand. And then we must distribute to them the goals-the sustainable goals of the world. SDG that the world has approved to implement in the years leading up to 2030.”

Tuilaepa stated that the meeting should be conducted at least two weeks prior to the Easter holidays.

“We must have it in Apia and we must have all the posters distributed to them so they can go back then to facilitate the attempt by Government to inform their parents of what they must do to decrease the effects of climate change. There are a lot of posters that are lying useless at the UNDP office that I have heard of, and we should secure all those posters so that they can be distributed to schools and have them posted on their walls for everyone to know.”

Shivani Sharma

Shivani Sharma

Born in the USA, raised in the Middle East and the Pacific. Moved to Samoa as a teenager and graduated from RLSS. Avid writer. Mother of 4 beautiful children.
Reporter with Samoa Planet.
Shivani Sharma

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Born in the USA, raised in the Middle East and the Pacific. Moved to Samoa as a teenager and graduated from RLSS. Avid writer. Mother of 4 beautiful children. Reporter with Samoa Planet.


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