9 January, 2018. Samoa – Nostalgia is a good thing – some of the time.

But not for Matatumua Petimara Faletoese, the Inalani’s catering company brainchild.

She has little sentimental, longing or wistful affection for a period in the past when building up Inalani’s Catering. And from that hard experience, Matatumua is sharing her uplifting story to prepare future business entrepreneurs.

She made her debut in catering in a joint venture with her sister Ula in 1991 and for the first nine years, built her experience until she ganied the confidence to launch Inalani’s Catering in 2000.

Today Inalani’s Catering is a household name all over Samoa, servicing weddings, funerals and other cultural occassions.

And Matatumua did not take any short cuts to success.  In the early days, she wore many hats from kitchen hand, to chef, even delivery and collecting bills.

She endured it all and today the mother of two children and three grandchildren has a lot to be thankful for.

Matatumua confesses that she did not have a knack for cooking. But after finishing school from Apia Infant, Malifa Primary, Leififi Intermediate and Leulumoega College, Matatumua found herself in the kitchen cooking. And slowly but surely she started to go back to school in the kitchen putting to good use the lectures from her late mother.

And as they say, the rest is history.  In those days, Samoa’s catering industry was in its infant stages but still very lucrative.

From experience, she says that it was the Almighty’s will that made her who she is today, a successful business woman.  “And I am grateful,” she added.

But money is secondary to her. As an executive of the Classmates of 1981 Samoa Branch, Matatumua is sending a shining example to her colleagues that there is no short cut to success.

“Endurance and never losing faith in our Father in heaven are two of the key ingredients to success,” says Matatumua who is in Auckland New Zealand this week, for the second reunion with her Classmates of 1981.

Nanai Laveitiga Tuiletufuga

Nanai Laveitiga Tuiletufuga

Press Secretariat at Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Nanai Lavetiga Tuiletufuga is the Government Press Secretariat. He is a veteran reporter in Samoa with previous experience in television, print and radio media.
Nanai Laveitiga Tuiletufuga

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