Leifiifi College Principal Sefuiva Malaea Lauano PC: Tina Mata'afa-Tufele

11 January, 2018. Samoa –  88 students at Leifiifi College who sat the Samoa School Leaving Certificate exam have passed, with the majority qualifying for admission to the UPY, Foundation Year at the National University of Samoa.

There will be many happy and relieved parents as the distribution of exam results which began Wednesday, will continue through Friday, said Leifiifi School Principal Sefuiva Malaea Lauano.

“Parents are so excited…we started yesterday,” Sefuiva told Samoa Planet. “They’ve been keeping us very busy today and so have parents who are enrolling their children in Year 9. We did okay, we received some nice results.”

Nationwide, more than 2,000 students in Year 13 were listed for the SSLC examinations, according to the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture Web site.

Students in Year 12 numbered more than 2,400 for the Samoa School Certificate, known simply as the ‘School C.’

Sefuiva, who manages a student body of roughly 800 and a staff of 55 teachers, is proud to report that all students at Leifiifi who sat the SSLC passed and more than 80 Leifiifi students who tested for the School C found success.

“Compared to last year, when there was a big problem with results, there have been improvements,” said Sefuiva. “This year, seki a.”

Two weeks are allotted for students to request a recount of exam results.

Nita Lafoai, a mother from Vaitele, is among the many parents who visited with Sefuiva on Thursday. She and her daughter who sat the SSLC, emerged from the Principal’s Office smiling from ear to ear.

“This is very important, we’ve been waiting, we’ve been sacrificing for this, just for these results,” Lafoai told Samoa Planet. “This is what we’ve been aiming for. I have two Year 12s and one Year 13 and they all passed. Thank God.”

Her Year 13 daughter scored well enough to enter Foundation Year at the National University of Samoa.

“One made it to NUS. She’s lucky,” Lafoai said, beaming. “I’m very proud. She’s done well and so have my other two. I thank God. I thank the Lord for everything, for His blessings and I’m so proud of them. This is what every parent works for.”

All primary schools and colleges run by the government, open for the 2018 school year on Jan. 29.

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