Re: How much customary land is being leased?

Samoan customary land leases before 2008 was subject to mortgage as was the crops from the land.

They could be registered and mortgaged to the banks. If you want some examples i can supply them.

So the law change CHANGED NOTHING.

However it is unlikely that the banks shall mortgage leases because of the inherent difficulties in enforcement and collection.

So entrepreneurial, innovative Samoans shall not be able to grow and develop. The only way is to leave Samoa and is that what we want?

The Government has recently introduced legislation which empowers the local councils and villages to set by laws that can and shall impact on the economic use of leaseholds making it impossible for lease holders to invest with confidence.

So the reality is Samoans who do not live in the traditional manner can now continue to agitate in a colonial manner to keep the natives under control SHAME ON YOU.

Written by Papalii Grant Percival



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