23 September, 2017. Samoa – Re: McDonalds Samoa busy as usual and “all for moving forward”.

The proof is in the pudding

Maligning businesses in Samoa is becoming common practice especially if you’re a big business. Especially nowadays with so much competition. Allegations were recently brought out against McDonald’s in Apia, The fact that most of these allegations have no merit and that there was nothing else said apart from some photographs which could’ve been taken anywhere. McDonald’s has come back and stated, with out a doubt – that their restaurants are totally hygienic which is found in most of these restaurants around the world.

Help promote Samoa supports all businesses large and small. The thing is that if there is damaging evidence against any particular business then why then suppress your identity even though this person was an ex employee with a grudge ,and have very suspicious photographs that could be taken anywhere presented.

I personally believe that this McDonald’s is just as normal as any other.

I’ve been to the McDonald’s in Apia and I can see right back into the kitchen and it looks no different to me than any other McDonald’s that I’ve seen although I must say I have been told that there are sometimes cockroaches to be found in the toilets. But remembering this, this is Samoa A virtual hot house where cockroaches can be found anywhere and everywhere, hello !
And most people try to get rid of them and keep their kitchens clean. There’s a lot of power in a Bug spray hey.

The thing that makes me laugh is how certain newspapers in Samoa like to blow things out of proportion and I suppose that gets the attention of those who want to subscribe to such newspapers. And to be totally honest there are more important stories out there that should be brought to the public’s attention other than the small little petty things.

Mikaele Iosefa Lecci O’Connor



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