Re: Marijuana a Cash crop for Samoa?

The world is waking up to the fact that we have all been mislead over this plant and the many benefits it has medicinally to offer man and even our beloved animals.

Samoa would be the perfect climate for the industry and like anything it can be regulated. The states in the US have seen massive monetary returns to help with schools and social problems. Drug issues did not increase they actually went down. They have seen children with severe epilepsy helped where drugs didn’t and cancer patients at stage four win their battle against the disease. There is too much out there now that proves its value and once you have seen the benefits you can’t deny it anymore.

One of the most destructive drugs on this planet is alcohol and yet it is legal with no health benefits and Samoa has a big problem with alcohol igniting violence and criminal activity. It has been proven that Marijuana is not a gateway drug but alcohol is. Stop wasting money on this plant and focus on what is really destructive like meth that is now in Samoa.

Thank you for opening the dialogue.




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