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Dear Editor,

And once again the pageant has failed for the second time to produce the
true origin and the true meaning of a PULETASI, the criteria for the
PULETASI has somehow been disregarded

But why has it been neglected? Is our Puletasi no longer considered one of
the imperative parts of our Fa’aSamoa as a whole?!

I am not only stressing this because of how last year’s puletasi was poorly
marked and judged but also and importantly because this type of behaviour
can greatly decrease the value of our culture and for some reason this
situation is becoming a reccuring matter that must be addressed :

-My first concern is for our culture. I am incredibly proud to be part of an
island nation that takes much pride in their FA’ASAMOA, but evidently our
FA’ASAMOA is slowly becoming inferior to the modern influences, initially
to the fact that the PULETASI is one of Samoa’s very important aspect of
the Fa’aSamoa culture.
A true tama’ita’i Samoa is defined by the way she carries herself, and
especially her attire,the puletasi plays an enormous role in identifying a
Samoan lady aswell as our culture, in the criteria set out by the committee
of the pageant, it clearly states that it must be appropriate with no slits
or splits showing skin.

If you are a true Samoan, you’d know for a fact
that a proper puletasi is sewn to fit the formal dress code for various
events, it is made to cover up your skin so that your honour as a tamaitai
Samoa is well protected and at the same time depicting in the various
prints and designs the other facets of our culture, the PULETASI alone
shows the type of woman/lady that you are ,a woman that treats people with
respect,humility and integrity and she is also given respect by people.
This attire sets Samoa apart from other island nations,mainly because the
PULETASI originated from our very own homeland of Samoa therefore we are
responsible for preserving this Measina Samoa.
If we DO NOT adhere to the true origin of how the PULETASI is meant to be
sewn and worn then we are allowing our culture and heritage to become

I hope to be the voice for people whose voices go unheard and hopefully my
voice is given attention to and that WE won’t be discarded.

Ma lo’u fa’aaloalo lava faafetai.

(This Letter to the Editor has been published just as it was submitted, in it’s unedited format.)



  1. I just wanted to clarify from my own understanding on this topic which states that our ‘Culture is on the brink of extinction’.The word “CULTURE” mentioned on the title is ONLY pin-pointing the outcome or results of the “Miss Samoa Pageant’s” PULETASI category ONLY. The usage or perusal of the word CULTURE on this article’s Title, is not touching on our Culture as a whole but only a part of it and in this case it’s the PULETASI or PULETASIs worn by the contestants on the “Miss Samoa Pageant” (last year & this year) and there was a “Judging Criteria” that was put forward by the committee which the designers/sponsors should meet or comply with.
    It doesn’t interferes with anyone’s rights to what they want to wear and it’s definitely not lecturing on our culture as a whole…Of course I clearly understand that when it comes to everyone or anyone’s rights, I totally agree 100% on the fact that anyone and everyone are entitle to their own rights regarding whatever clothes and style they want to wear anywhere e.g. in town, Church, cinema, night clubs, in your own home, in the office where you work (unless they have uniforms you are required to wear) and so on…but when it comes to such things as competitions, tournaments, pageants, etc..in this case ‘again’ it’s the Miss Samoa Pageant, where ‘RULES’ or ‘CRITERIAS’ are being laid down in the format given by the Miss Samoa committee or organizers, not only for the designers/sponsors to follow but also for the pageant’s panel of Judges perusal…And if there is a “CRITERIA” for each category then that is what that category should be judged on, in this case it’s the puletasi category…( and this is the only area or issue the writer of the article is referring at)…a couple of these requirements of this criteria states that a “PULETASI” should be a (2) piece attire, a proper wrap around lavalava with ties & not long skirts with slits/splits on side or back and it should symbolize a formal evening wear and also symbolizes our ‘culture’.
    So overall the topic and article is simply commenting ONLY one thing and that is the puletasi category on last and this year’s miss Samoa pageant nothing more…but the mention of culture I guess is there simply because the puletasi is just another part of or a quarter of our beloved Culture and to my understanding when an issue is raised regarding the puletasi, whether through media, school essays, speeches, competitions etc, sure enough the word ‘culture’ will be used, mentioned or touched on, simply because this so-called (puletasi) attire is link with our culture. I hope my explanation and understanding of the mentioned topic is enough to clarify any related misunderstandings or any confusions. Have a peaceful & a Blessed weekend everyone. Ma lou faaaloalo lava. Fa’afetai.


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