9 July, 2018. Samoa – The Ministry of Health is seizing all MMR vaccines throughout the country.

The news was announced at a press conference by the CEO for the Ministry of Health, Dr Take Naseri. It follows the sudden deaths of two young children both aged 1 years old from Savaii who according to Tala Fou News, died after being vaccinated on Friday the 6th of July at Safotu Hospital in Savaii.

The deaths are also being investigated by police.



  1. So glad their leader is taking it seriously and determined to investigate the deaths. In the U.S., vaccine injury and death is swept under the rug. While it is federal law to report a fraction of the serious adverse events after vaccination – those that are a contraindication to further doses of the vaccine or on the injury tables for compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – in most cases, death within minutes, hours, or 2-3 days is not even one of the adverse events that is required to be reported. Not that it matters anyway, since most doctors don’t bother reporting even when required to by federal law, and there is NO consequence for doctors who don’t report. Nor do the professional medical organizations bother to educate their members about the law (the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act).

  2. My son was injured by MMR – Kawasaki Disease within 20 days , atypical measles and refreshes into ASD ADD- vaccines are full of poison #nvic.org

  3. The MMR vaccine is very dangerous.
    The CDC was involved in a massive coverup according to Dr William Thompson of the CDC. He said that they hid the data showing an alarming increase in autism with the MMR vaccine.

  4. So sad prayers to the innocents lost. Prayers for the families. The MMR damaged our beautiful 1 year old. He lost speech and his life long digestive issues began. I encourage all to know your rights and research vaccine injury Court cases. Thousands of cases since 1987.

  5. This is just tragic and so sad to hear. My prayers go out to the parents and families and wider communities who will be devastated by this loss. Well done Ministry of Health for taking action and well done Samoa Planet for reporting it.


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