12 January, 2018. Samoa – The family of 15yr old Uili Uili are in mourning tonight after his body was located by police earlier today during a search of a marijuana plantation at Satapuala.

A total of 5 suspects are in police custody and more are expected to be charged as the investigation unfolds in the drug related homicide.

Responding to questions from Samoa Planet, Police Commissioner Fuiavailiili Egon Keil said, “Our search this morning located the boy who appeared to have been murdered several days earlier. Very unfortunate and a waste of a young life.”

“It’s the family that made the complaint about the missing boy who they believed was being held for 3 days by the suspected individuals for attempting to steal cannabis from their cash crop plantation. They had feared the boy was being assaulted and held captive.”

An initial search warrant was executed on Thursday evening, during which no sign was found of the missing youth.

The Commissioner said, “We however recovered a large amount of growing cannabis trees and harvested cannabis. Also recovered were high powered ammo and a pistol.”

The police search continued this morning and the teenager’s body was then recovered.

According to a police media release, the police also seized “possible high power military ammunitions and more marijuana plants” during this second search.

“A number of booby traps installed in the area were also removed by police”.

Fuiavailiili expressed his thanks “to the larger village of Satapuala for their assistance and to the Attorney General’s office for their legal guidance.”

The Samoa Police Service released this full statement a short while ago –

Samoa Police Service Media Release

On Wednesday 10th January 2017 police received a request for assistance regarding a 15 year old male, Uili Uili of Satapuala who was reported missing by his family since Tuesday 9th January 2018. The concern family indicated to police that he is suspected to have been a victim of a drug related incident.

Faleolo outpost responded to the request and as a result police confirmed the existence of marijuana plantations and possible high powered weapons. The information received during the preliminary investigation lead to the execution of a Search Warrant at Satapuala Thursday evening.

As a result of the police search, close to 200 plants and loose marijuanas were seized. The concerning amount is estimated to earn approximately at a street value of over $100,000 tala. Police also seized an illegal weapon and ammunitions associated with the cultivation of marijuana plants. However they were not able to locate the missing teenager.

Earlier this morning police reconvene its search and were able to locate the body of the victim. More marijuana plants and possible high power military ammunitions were seized. A number of booby traps installed in the area were also removed by police.

A total of 5 suspects are now under police custody with a few more to be charged in relation to the cultivation of marijuana and possibly for the homicide case. Further additional charges is expected as the investigation unfolds.

Samoa Police Service offers its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased.

We wish to thank the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration, Office of the Attorney General and Police Minister for supporting SPS in the execution of our duties.

Furthermore, we wish to thank the Pulenuu and village council of Satapuala for their assistance in both search operations.

We ask members of the public to contact the police if you have any further information in relation to this homicide case.

Fa’afetai lava Samoa.

Some of the marijuana recovered by police.
PC – Samoa Police Service
Plants recovered by police.
PC – Samoa Police Service


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