Manager NRL in Samoa, Gabrielle Apelu donating goods for their Cyclone Gita relief efforts

28 February, 2018. Samoa – The words NRL may automatically make you think of league and all things sports related, but Manager for NRL Samoa, Gabrielle Apelu says that there’s much more to them than just sports.

Speaking to Samoa Planet today, Gabrielle said, “NRL in Samoa aim to provide opportunities for all Samoans to participate in a positive experience. Contrary to belief we don’t actually go around teaching Rugby League.”

“We are Sports for Development program which focuses on improving social, health and economic outcomes. Our League for Life breaks down into 4 components: Fundamental Skills, Health and Well-being, Bullying and Literacy.”

“Our Beyond the Goalpost Star is a Secondary School Girls Leadership Program that teaches Goal setting, Building Confidence, Health, Gender and Inclusion.

“In the wider community we run programs that address Health, Gender Equity, Disability Inclusion, Governance and Capacity Building.”

This week, NRL are promoting “health” and “giving”, which falls in line with their League for Life program which promotes a ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ wholistic approch to learning.

“Currently in the school term we are in our NRL Health and Well-being sessions that run for 3 weeks enforcing MOH’s message of Eat Local, Drink water and Move it.” said Apelu.

“Together with our stakeholders Australian High Commission, AusAID, Ministry of Education Sports and Culture, our focus is to bring attention and change the mind set of our future generation on how to care for their health in view of the sweeping epidemic of NCDs.”

The NRL has also donated much needed resources to their participating schools after Cyclone Gita to emphasise the importance of giving.

“Our Cyclone Relief Aid came through a need we identified immediately after Cyclone Gita when we got to our first school and the kids were using A4 printing paper as all their books had been damaged by the cyclone. We were very fortunate that Business Systems Ltd, Australian High Commission and AusAid jumped at the chance to assist in this small way. Needless to say, the schools were very happy.” said Apelu.

The schools which are participating in the NRL League for Life program are the Lalomanu, Saleaula, Vailoa-Aleipata, Tiavea, Ulutogia, Satitoa, Samusu, Lotopue Primary Schools.

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