11 August, 2017. Samoa – A flair for blending jubilant colors and a love for her art drives Imeleta Kaisa in her newly established business Riverside Tie-dye.

Mother and small business owner, Ms.Kaisa has been in the tie-dying business for only a few months and she credits her employer Yazaki for the inspiration. She is a fulltime employee at Yazaki until it closes soon and explained,

” Yazaki was set to close by the end of this year, so the management were looking for opportunities for us to have something that we could earn money from.”

“The Small Business Enterprise Centre (S.B.E.C) was responsible for our training in tie-dying. After the training, i decided to make a business out of tie-dye because it’s fun and easy.”

“The only resources I use are fabric paints, material and water. We mix the paint with water, then we fold the material and make samples of what the product will look like.”

“My friend, my son and my daughter-in-law all help me to tie-dye, but we still work at our regular jobs too. We make our tie-dye products on weekends.”

“The only challenge that we face is the constant need of supplies, especially material, but whatever we earn goes back into our business and to look after our families.”

Riverside tie-dye is currently supplying Farmer Joe Vaitele and Saleimoa, as well as many stalls at the flea market. They are located at Vailoa-Faleata. Contact them on 751-1657 or through their Facebook page @riversidetiedye.

Shivani Sharma

Shivani Sharma

Born in the USA, raised in the Middle East and the Pacific. Moved to Samoa as a teenager and graduated from RLSS. Avid writer. Mother of 4 beautiful children.
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Shivani Sharma

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