8 January, 2018. Samoa – Starting off the New Year, many of us have set resolutions that include getting into shape, eating healthy and going to the gym regularly. Samoa Planet has compiled a summary of activities from 5 of our centrally located gyms for those wanting to attend a class or workout, but are not sure what is available or how much it costs.

A table below has been compiled by your Samoa Planet team for easy reference and we encourage our readers to visit the facebook pages of the local gyms mentioned for latest information about their specials. Most gyms have special rates for weekly and monthly membership as well as discounts for students.

JPs Fitness has 2 gyms, one is across the road from Vaimea Primary School and the other is centrally located behind the Nourish Cafe in town. Their popular tabata classes are 7 tala but they also offer 5 tala classes.

Joe’s Gym at Lotopa next to Frankie Supermarket has classes for 8 tala and casual entry to the gym for 10 tala. They have a weekly rate of 40 tala for 5 visits.

MAI Gym is located at the Keil’s new 3 corner complex at Lelata. The casual fee per day including classes is 10 tala. The monthly rate is $120.00

Crossfit Fatutoa is a spacious warehouse located at Vaitele Fou adjacent to the Vaitele market block. The rate for a crossfit class is 10 tala per adult and 8 tala for children.

Fitness Firm is centrally located in Apia at the NPF plazza. All their classes are 5 tala.

Morning Classes

If you are an early bird, 4 out of the 5 gyms have classes that start at 6am. It is only Fitness Firm that doesn’t open until lunchtime. For extra early risers, JPs Fitness and Joe’s Gym both offer a 5am class. Yes, that means your alarm goes off at 4.30am! You can go to Crossfit at 6am if you’re near the Vaitele area. MAI gym also has a 6am class which is different every morning.

Lunchtime Classes

If you are able to get away from work during your lunch hour, all 5 gyms offer classes around 12pm. JPs lunchtime classes includes boxfit and Leti’s famous 6-4-1 circuit. Across at Joe’s, there is “spin” and “circuit” held during the lunch break. Zumba, pump and boxing are the lunchtime classes at Fitness Firm. MAI gym offers a different workout class every day of the week or you could get across to Vaitele for a Crossfit class.

After Work

In the afternoon, all 5 gyms featured here offer a class that starts just after 5pm. If you can’t get away from work on time, Crossfit Fatutoa and Joe’s Gym both offer 6pm classes. The 1Touch Ministries boot camp starts daily at Tuanaimato cricket grounds at 5.30pm and they take casual entries even if you haven’t signed up for $5 tala.


The popular 1Touch Ministries Boot Camp will start on Monday 29th. They usually have their registration at the Tatte Building and which includes a full health check by the NHS team. It costs $100 tala for 10 weeks of daily workout programs held at the Tuanaimato cricket ground after work. 1Touch Ministries has a qualified group of Personal Trainers who also run the daily morning tabata classes at JPs Lotopa.

Joe’s Gym has 2 challenges, one for beginners that starts on Monday 15th and for $240 tala you get 8 weeks of free access to the gym, and 24 free workout classes. The more intense 6 week program costs $190 tala, which includes 18 classes and free gym access for that time. The weigh in will be held at Joe’s gym on the respective start dates.

Here’s your summary outline of what all gyms are offering. Print it out. Paste it into your wall and get fit in 2018!

Kehaolani Manoa-Slade

Kehaolani Manoa-Slade

Kehaolani was born in American Samoa and spent most of her childhood in the USA before moving to Samoa where she graduated from the Church College of Pesega. She is married with two beautiful daughters and lives in Samoa. She is a Junior-Reporter for Samoa Planet
Kehaolani Manoa-Slade


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