5 January, 2018. Australia – Physeek – a new App created by a Samoan woman that connects workout buddies based on interests in sporting and fitness – has been launched.

The concept has already found users in the United States and in Australia, where it was invented.

“I have always wanted to help people, so this is my way of helping people to get healthy, get happy, get motivated, get active,” Physeek App Inventor Silvia Wulf told Samoa Planet.

Her short term fitness goal is to lose body fat. Her long term goal: keep it off!

“Imagine a visitor to the island being able to connect with a local to discover new running tracks, where to play tennis, go paddling etc,” Wulf said. “This is what I struggled with when I worked in Samoa for a few months. Luckily I found Jay Ah Fook at Nafanua Paddling and have made lifelong friends.”

She is a business analyst and entrepreneur based in Sydney. Physeek, Wulf’s newest venture, was launched December 2017.

“Right now, we are drumming up interest to download, review and share because this is how Physeek will get noticed in the app stores,” she said. “Currently, the main interest is coming from Australia and the U.S.”

Users are saying Physeek is easy to use and a great App for finding someone to do an activity with.

“It is NOT a dating app,” Wulf said. “It launched late last month, so Physeek is still finding its feet in the world of Apps.”

A really important element of Physeek is its safety feature. For example, if a user is connecting up with someone for a walk, they can let their friends know where they are going, what they are doing, who with and when.

“The activities you can include in your profile are endless. More leisurely activities such as going to the movies, playing card games, car maintenance, and many more, are also included,” Wulf explained in a statement. 

“Physeek is the ideal App for anyone looking to get out and engage in recreational activity, find someone to exercise with, connect with new people and develop new friendships. “

It is available for download from Google Play and Apple Store.

“Android has launched. iOS for your iPhone has just been approved today!,” Wulf told the Planet. “Woohoo! Super excited about it.”

Learn more at physeek.com.au.

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