Lui Laufou celebrates with the other sewing workshop participants.

4 September, 2017. Samoa – 19 year old Lui Laufou of Vaimoso will now be able to help support her family with her sewing skills, thanks to a month long workshop run by the Government of China.

Ms Laufou was one of eighty women from four different villages that participated in the training course on creative crafts and sewing skills. The course was carried out by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in conjunction with the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development.

The participants were each provided with an allowance of 10 tala per day and gifted a brand new sewing machine, courtesy of the Chinese Government.

The training was conducted by 9 volunteers, 5 teachers and 4 interpreters. It targeted unemployed women in the villages of  Lotofaga, Faleasiu, Vaimoso and Aleipata. The sewing skills will assist them in earning an income for their families.

At the workshop closing ceremony, last Friday, the participants showcased the clothing they had made in a fashion show held at Tanoa Hotel, Sogi.

Like many of the youth in Samoa, Ms. Laufou is currently unemployed, however she is optimistic of the future since she now has a means of financial income. She said, “I think this workshop was good to learn the basics of sewing clothes.”

Wearing her own hand-made shirt she said, “ It was good to learn something useful to make use of our talents. Now I will be able to sew clothes and help my parents financially.”

During the fashion show, each group performed a siva in acknowledgement of the friendship and bonds formed with their Chinese instructors. Despite the language barrier, the fashion show was an afternoon of  entertainment and joy.

Celebrating with a siva.

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