14 December, 2017. We decided to make ‘Christmas Town’ but you could get creative and make Bethlehem or the Nativity scene – I imagine a tropical Samoan Christmas town would also look cool!

You’ll need:

  • Large Umu Box
  • Collection of smaller boxes, toilet rolls etc.
  • Lots of superglue (we went through 10 x small containers)
  • White spray paint
  • Coloured Acrylic Paint
  • Christmas Ribbon
  • Cotton Wool & PVA glue
  • 1 x set of Christmas lights
  • Other small Christmassy props to make your town complete!

Step One – Construct your town
We used superglue to adhere the boxes to each other and to the box. Remember to stay inside the box folds so that you can lift up the flaps afterward.

Step Two – Spray paint it!
This gives it a nice flat white base which made the houses easy to paint and also made the ground look white like snow.

Step Three – Paint the scene!
Paint the sides of the umu box and when you fold the edges up this will be the backdrop for the town. We chose a night time scene with a dark blue sky and green hills with some snowy mountains in behind. We chose Christmassy colours and painted the walls and roofs.

Step Four – Lift and secure the sides.
Poke holes in the box flaps about 1 inch from the top and feed through the Christmas ribbon (or string) through across the box and tie the string together to hold the flaps up.

Step Five – String the lights up and add the snow! We used cellotape to stick the lights to the sides and keep it secure. Add the snow by painting thin lines of PVA glue, unraveling the cotton wool and sticking it on as you please.

Last step is to add in the other features – whatever you think will look cool! We got some cute light up Christmas trees, gingerbread men, Santa and Reindeer from Farmer Joe who have heaps of cool Christmas things. We also bought a 6 pack of plastic cars from Farmers at the NPF Plaza for around $8WST and we spray painted them silver.

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